About Vixxy P

Hi there

As awkward as a first date here are a few things if you want to know them!…

My name is Vix, I have lived in London since 2007, moving around with my 2 fluffbrain cats. We currently reside in the fabulous area of Tooting in SW London and loving every minute.  I hail from the north east, which influences a lot of the food I cook and still proclaim that Colmans in South Shields is the best fish and chip shop in the entire universe.  I am not kidding!

London is the most incredible place to live if you love adventures (and food!). A mantra I try to live by is ‘no chains’. In a place like London why would you ever need to visit any national chain (… except when hungover and only a McDonalds Sausage McMuffin will do!)

I love food, all of it, there isn’t a lot I don’t like, however there is one evil food type that my phobia will never let me go near, and I intend to never do so!  So I’m afraid in this blog of recipes you shall never find any with the word BANANA in the ingredients list.

Much to my family’s disappointment this is the way things are going to be!  It is EEEEVVVVIILLL!!

Vixxy P and Afternoon Tea!

Other places you’ll find me and my fabulousness…


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I am also one half of the Podcast Duo from Two Bottle In, check out our latest episodes here for FREE!

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One thought on “About Vixxy P

  1. Hello Vix!! People who say they don’t love food is either crazy or lying to themselves, either one I don’t want to have anything to do w/ ’em, ahah. Believe it or not though, I’m not into sweets or chocolate, but my ultimate weakness is salty foods, i.e. fries, corn dogs, cheese curds, etc. basically all recipes for heart failure, ahah.

    Anyway, you’re so adorable!! 😀

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