Zingy Lemony Limoncello Syllabub recipe

Zingy Lemony Limoncello Syllabub

Say the word Syllabub, go on! Brilliant isn’t it. I decided to look up it’s meaning and what I didn’t realise is that it is a traditional English dessert. I always thought it originated in Europe somewhere, apparently not! It dates back from as far back as the 16th Century and was traditionally a drink made of new milk and cider, with the cows milked directly into an ale pot! I think I prefer this version below!

So…In this so called summer I have not had a chance to stretch my legs along the al fresco dining path as much as I would have liked. So instead I am just going to write about them! This particular dessert is something introduced to me by my sister.  It is a firm favourite in our family and even the non dessert-likers will eat this one!

This is zesty, zingy, fresh, creamy, lush, rich and refreshing all at the same time. It is well worth the wait! A fantastic dessert for a dinner party, or refreshing indulgent treat!

Zingy Lemony Limoncello Syllabub

Zingy Lemony Limoncello Syllabub


3 Large lemons (the fresher the lemon, the better the dessert!)

100ml Limoncello liquer

300ml Double cream

100g Caster sugar

15 Italian Amaretti biscuits


1. Zest all three of the lemons and put to one side

2. Then juice all three of the lemons into a bowl

3. Add about 75% of the zest to the lemon juice, then add the limoncello and mix together

4. In a separate bowl whip the cream with the sugar. Whisk only until it is starting to thicken and is like thick yoghurt. Slowly add the lemon mix bit by bit and whisk until fully combined.

5. Pour portions into bowls, martini glasses, shot glasses, anything that can be chilled.

6. Pop in the fridge and let them chill ideally over night but you can serve them after 2-3 hours in the fridge

7. Crush biscuits and mix with the left over lemon zest and use this to decorate on top of the dessert just before serving. I normally use half the biscuits for decoration and have a bowl full of the rest of the crushed biscuits and lemon zest on the table for people to add more if they wish (they always do!)


So what do you think? Would love to hear any comments you have!

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