Danie’s Californian Fish Tacos (Salmon)

Photo to follow!

These are dead simple, just like having mexican Fajitas and something that can warm you up in the winter, but also be a refreshingly light dinner in the summer.  It is a recipe passed on to me from my good friend Danie, she is from San Francisco and claims this is a Californian classic!  A great DIY dinner!

Make this dish your own by adding your favourite extras to have with the salmon in the wrap.

Serves 4


8 Tortilla Wraps

600g or 6x Salmon fillets

2 red chillies (sliced) and olive oil OR chilli oil

2 tbsp honey or thai sweet chilli sauce

2 tsp chilli flakes

Soya Sauce

2 x Red/Yellow/Orange/Green Bell Peppers (sliced)

1 x medium Onion (sliced)

150g Mushrooms any type (sliced)


Sour Cream/Creme Fraiche

Grated cheese (I use cheddar normally)

Sliced Iceberg lettuce


1. Pre-heat the oven to around 180 degrees (350F/Gas Mark 4) and line a medium roast tin with aluminum foil

2. Pour a generous amount of the olive/chilli oil in to the tin so that it covers the base of the tin

3. Place the salmon fillets into the tin and turn them round in the oil so that the fish is all covered in oil.  Sit them skin down (if they are still skinned).  If you are using olive oil and fresh red chillies, sprinkle these around the tin and on the salmon fillets.

4. Pour the honey or thai sweet chilli sauce over the salmon fillets and then sprinkle with chilli flakes and soya sauce.   Add the peppers, mushrooms and onions to the tin.

5. Place in the oven for about 5 mins, take them out, baste the salmon with the juice/oils that are in the tin, and return to the oven.  Repeat this again after another 5 minutes. If you like it cooked all the way through rather than rare in the middle then keep cooking until the fish feels very firm to the touch.

6.  Take out the salmon and crush with a fork in a bowl, ready for use in the wraps.  Place the peppers, onions and mushrooms in a separate bowl with some of the juices from the tin ready for use in the wraps.

7. Serve with Guacamole, Sour Cream/Creme Fraiche, grated cheese and sliced crispy iceberg lettuce.


So what do you think? Would love to hear any comments you have!

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