Who reads the introduction really?

Isn’t it true?  When you open that book you have finally found the time to read, do you really read the introduction?!

Well I figured I needed to break the ice somehow, so here goes…

This Blog is dedicated to my wonderful family past and present, my mother, my Auntie Joyce and Auntie Moi and the Proctor clan, and also to my Grandma Bowman, Grandma Proctor who through the miracle of scraps of paper and memory your legacy lives on through your recipes – thank you for the amazing dinners, lunches, and good old North East tea parties.  Where would I be without them?  So without further ado.  I introduce you to the “You know what I really fancy?!” blog.  I have taken all the recipes that are in the book of the same name, and transferred them to the world wide web, so wherever we are in the world, wherever we go, we always know we can cook a decent Yorkshire Pudding!  I will also be adding new ones in there so if you have any contributions let me know!  Enjoy.

Introduction from the book:

“This book has been made for you.  For all those times whne  you have been rooting around for that scrap of paper you scribbled on, or that recipe that you love but can’t quite remember.  This cookbook is filled with family favourites, tried and tested over the years.  It is our family legacy and what we have achieved. 

Enjoy it, use it and most of all don’t lose it!”



So what do you think? Would love to hear any comments you have!

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